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How Does Paul Rudd Do It?

Last evening, as I was walking home, I saw Paul Rudd come out of his trailer on Court Street, where the David Wain-directed romantic comedy spoof “We Came Together” is being filmed this week (last week it was Brooklyn Heights). Paul Rudd stepped out and stretched his arms, smiling a big Paul Rudd smile, and looked around him. Just then, two passersby stopped, and a young guy asked him if he was Paul Rudd and said he liked his work. Paul Rudd looked delighted. He eagerly offered his hand to both of them and said “Thanks, man!” in the most genuine way possible.Then, he went on his way (by now he was walking right next to me, and I was attempting to benevolently ignore him). When I got upstairs to my apartment, I actually had the absurd thought that maybe I had been a bit rude by not saying hi to Paul Rudd. That’s how nice he seemed!

This isn’t just a “Paul Rudd is really nice” anecdote. Okay, it mostly is, but I really just want to know how he does it. How does Paul Rudd do the world so well? How does he keep such a positive attitude (seemingly) all the time? Does Paul Rudd ever have self-doubt? Does Paul Rudd ever feel socially awkward at big parties? Does Paul Rudd ever wake up feeling like the world is a treacherous and scary place? And what about the big things, like, how does Paul Rudd feel about the fact that not only are we and everyone we love and everyone who has ever heard of us going to die, but eventually all traces of humanity will be lost, and nobody (if there even is an anybody) will ever know that our species even existed?

I guess I just want to do the weirdest interview ever with Paul Rudd. If you’re his publicist, contact me. I have a lot more questions!